Cell Guard 100ml

Cell Guard 100ml (Powerful Natural Supplement & Immune Booster) 100% Natural - No Preservatives - No colorants - No additives - GM Free
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Naturalis Wellness Cell Guard contains Nigella Sativa plant extract which has been known

for its immune boosting properties since ancient times. This can be used asa natural supplement

and energy enhancer. The earliest record for its cultivation anduse came from ancient Egypt,

dating back approximately 3000 years ago. In Arabic cultures Nigella Sativa is known as

Habbatul barakah, meaning the "seed of blessing"


Dosage Instructions:

Once opened keep refridgerated and use within two months.

Use One to Two teaspoons per day (5-10ml) for adults.

Use Half a teaspoon per day (2.5-5ml) for

Children Less than 12years.

(optional) Drink with half a cup of juice or teaspoon of honey.


Ingredients: Nigella Sativa